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So Lise gave me some topics to talk about in my journal, and since I've wanted to get back into the whole, you know, writing stuff that other people actually read thing, here they are:
1. More Madoka analyses!
2. I remember you saying a while ago you were leaving your job to work on a comic script. But I also know you're working at Blizzard again. So what happened in there?
3. What are you writing lately?
4. Books/anime/TV/movies that have caught your interest recently
5. Why so many anime have Neal Stephenson endings.
6. Skyrim is awesome, but still not as awesome as Morrowind - and why
7. Why people should read Michael Swanwick

Phew, it's hard to know where to start here. I've got a lot of stuff to say on all of these subjects.

Right now I think the easiest one to start with is:
What are you writing lately?

Well, I've been trying to finish my scifi novel. I'm about halfway done with the first draft, but I've been about halfway done with the first draft for a few months now, and honestly I think I'm really going to have to start removing elements instead of expanding them in order to finish. I think this is a pretty common problem with writing a book though, so I'm hardly unique in that respect. Creating more is better than less, because it's a lot easier to cut content out than cut content in after the fact, it's just important to be able to chop it. I hope I can when the time comes.

I also very recently decided to write a screenplay for ScriptFrenzy. I had no interest in writing a full length screenplay, but after talking with [livejournal.com profile] blurrymystr I felt confident enough to pen out a short film. I actually finished my first draft after two weekends of work! I'll worry about polish later on, but I'm really quite happy with it. Well, the "finishing it" aspect of it. I think coming back to it after some time away, and going through notes my friends give it will help it evolve into something better. As far as actually filming it? No plans to, so it's mostly just a tool of self development I guess.

My last project is sort of secret - it's a comic project with my usual collaborator. If something comes out of it, I'll more than happily share it, but the goal is to create something very Heavy Metal circa 1989 (so raunchy and gory). It's inspired by Tank Girl and the like, and the eventual goal is to involve a lot of audience participation. Realistically only a few pages of actual script are done and I'm not sure if a first issue will ever get completed.

So there you go, a decent list of what I've been writing lately.

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