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Alright, so this episode definitively eliminates the Asami-Amon theory.

But there's a strong implication now that Amon is either not human (perhaps cybernetically augmented?) or otherwise augmented by spiritual means. The dude literally ignores a technique that incapacitated an entire room of people, including Aang and Toph, at once.

Where does someone get that kind of ability?

Here's a possibility - when Amon's face got burned as a child, he sought out Koh. Either because his face was so burned he couldn't even express emotions, and thus won the battle of wills by virtual default, or he traded his burned face to Koh, and thus gained access to obscure or otherwise secret information from Koh. Koh is just about as ancient a spirit as you could hope to talk to, and thus may well have taught spirit bending, or similarly forgotten techniques to Amon.

So now Amon wears the Noh mask to both cover his face and to perhaps give tribute to the face stealer.
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