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Alrighty, prediction time:
Amon isn't actually taking away people's bending powers - 1) he's not using the same technique Aang used, 2) it looks like very specifically he's using Chi blocking to specifically attack two Chakras (the brow and the neck) to cause the same kind of damage that occurred to Aang that prevented the Avatar state. Presumably this will feel permanent enough to your average bender that they'll freak out.

However, this leads to my second prediction:
Korra is going to lose her bending powers via this technique, which is important, because her role in the world is to bring Bending and Non-Bending into balance. This is actually an imbalance brought about by Aang, unfortunately: by punishing Ozai by taking his bending away, Aang has inadvertently declared, as the lord of heaven and earth, that non-bending is itself a punishment. Woops!

So the only way Korra, someone who is intimately (and instinctively) aware of bending for every second of her conscious life, raised in the bosom of bending, and granted every privilege, to be made aware of the condition of non-benders is going to be one. This is going to separate bending as a physical act (which she is already master of) with bending as a spiritual act (which she is totally ignorant of), and she will have to explore that spiritual connection in order to regain her bending powers.

Now, I've already used a lot of the language of the show to make my argument - her mentors have already pointed out her ignorance of the spiritual side of bending. But the structure of the show is leading this way, too: she says bending is the coolest thing she knows about, she's faced with her privilege as a bender and as the avatar every both episodes so far, and with the inequality that non-benders already faced. To meta-game(?) for a bit, what do you do with a character who has something cool at the start of a story? You've got to take it away from them so that you can see what they do in its absence. For Korra, that's going to be her bending.
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