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So Lise gave me some topics to talk about in my journal, and since I've wanted to get back into the whole, you know, writing stuff that other people actually read thing, here they are:
1. More Madoka analyses!
2. I remember you saying a while ago you were leaving your job to work on a comic script. But I also know you're working at Blizzard again. So what happened in there?
3. What are you writing lately?
4. Books/anime/TV/movies that have caught your interest recently
5. Why so many anime have Neal Stephenson endings?
6. Skyrim is awesome, but still not as awesome as Morrowind - and why
7. Why people should read Michael Swanwick

Why so many anime have Neal Stephenson endings?

Alright, this is a pretty common problem with anime - suddenly episode 26 rolls around and nothing makes sense anymore and all the plates stop spinning and fall off. But really, when you think about it, it's a common problem with TV shows in general. And really, when you get right down to it, with serial storytelling in general. A lot of this stuff is just not written to ever finish, is passed on between multiple storytellers who have probably never seriously discussed the ending, or even the meaning of all the minor stuff they toss in to each episode as they go. Which doesn't explain why Neil Stephenson does it - my hypothesis is that he's actually a collective of Linux neckbeards who put together stories by committee...

But I mean, joking aside, storytelling is fucking hard. And the more strands you throw into something, the harder you make it. Now, you can get away with leaving some of that unresolved, if you've established that only some of the strands introduced are important to the plot. That's an important if! And usually this means knowing what your ending is beforehand, or at least an approximation of the ending.

Well okay, most anime is a single season - that should be a breeze to figure out. But it's not! And I suspect that this is because a lot of anime series are done by first time lead writers - they might have experience in manga, or as single episode writers. But when it comes to the challenge of a full 26 episodes, they don't know how to keep everyone working in the same direction at the same pace, and they're terrified that their budget is going to get cut before they finish the series. So when episode 26 comes rolling around, they have to bring all the answers together at once, and the train crashes into the station.

But you know, at least there probably wasn't some weird sex scene or complete lionization of linux (maybe I'm confusing Stephenson with Egan there), or some stupid quantum ending.

A lot of these points cross over well with my thing on Swanwick, so I guess I'll get to that next.
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