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So Lise gave me some topics to talk about in my journal, and since I've wanted to get back into the whole, you know, writing stuff that other people actually read thing, here they are:
1. More Madoka analyses!
2. I remember you saying a while ago you were leaving your job to work on a comic script. But I also know you're working at Blizzard again. So what happened in there?
3. What are you writing lately?
4. Books/anime/TV/movies that have caught your interest recently
5. Why so many anime have Neal Stephenson endings.
6. Skyrim is awesome, but still not as awesome as Morrowind - and why
7. Why people should read Michael Swanwick

So here's more Madoka Analyses! or just picturespam, whichever you prefer. I think I need a Homura icon!

Kyubei looks at more things than a north korean dictator.

And tortures about as many little girls while doing it, too.

Surely this apple isn't heavy with import and metaphor!

Jesus fucking christ

"She got a miracle. Even a whole life doesn't normally buy a miracle."
"Don't confuse gratitude with responsibility."
Harsh but true

"I'm no longer human."
As she looks at her soul on her finger.

That's about as creepy as you ever need to get, really.

Frenemies forever!

They know how to lay it out.

So apparently you gain power, but also gain corruption the more you remove yourself from your body and turn yourself into an observer over it. GAAAAAAAAAZE

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